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Who We Are

The Faculty Federation (LIUFF) is the union representing both full-time and adjunct faculty at Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus and its extension campuses. LIUFF is celebrating its 47th anniversary in 2016. LIUFF was established during a faculty struggle to save the Brooklyn Campus from extinction. The union as a collective bargaining unit was established officially in 1971, after an NLRB-directed election, as a chapter of the United Federation of College Teachers (local 1460, AFT/AFL-CIO). The first collective bargaining agreement was signed on May 31, 1972. At the time, there were fewer than 40 full-time faculty the campus. This was the first collective bargaining agreement for faculty members at any private university.

Over 40 years later, the LIUFF represents the faculty on a large and vital urban campus. It has not only helped assure the survival of this campus, but has also secured for full-time faculty members the right to tenure, promotions, a decent salary, continuation of satisfactory health benefits, and new hires. Adjunct faculty have also received continual pay increases and promotions.

All faculty are required to join the union (or pay the equivalent of dues as an agency fee), and are invited to participate in LIUFF committees, meetings and activities. The LIUFF represents faculty labor interests by negotiating with the University the terms of faculty employment, faculty work conditions, and faculty labor rights. These terms, conditions and rights are codified in the LIU-LIUFF Collective Bargaining Agreement, copies of which are available at the LIUFF office, room M602.

The contract is also available for download from this website. All faculty members are strongly encouraged to obtain a copy of the contract and read it thoroughly.

The LIUFF membership is represented by an elected slate of Officers and Delegates, which comprise the Executive Committee of LIUFF. All members are invited to bring appropriate labor relations issues to the attention of these Executive Committee members. Additionally, certain LIUFF committees on specialized issues such as Benefits are open to volunteers.

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